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Gotshop Core Features


Gotshop features full customisation of stored and collected information. You will be able to design your web shop structure yourself with powerful customisation options.

  • Unlimited number of product groups and products.
  • Unlimited number of product group tree levels.
  • Customisation of product data.
  • Customisation of order data.
  • Customisation of customer data.
  • Customisation of email templates.
  • Taxes customisation.
  • Shipping methods and destinations customisation.
  • Linked tables customisation.
  • Product attributes customisation.

Gotshop system encrypts all sensitive information such as passwords and payment gateway details.

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), encryption standard adopted by government institutions.
  • Totally random encryption keys.
  • Hardened admin interface option. Possibility to ask for admin password on the most important changes.
  • Security image support. Protect your web shop from web drones.
  • No credit cards are stored on the server. Credit cards are sent directly to payment gateway. No risk of loosing your clients billing data.
  • Daily security audits.
  • Network intrusion detection system.
  • Role Based Access Control.

Gotshop backs up your data in real time.

  • Hard drive replication using RAID-1 array. All your data is mirrored across two hard drives. In case of one hard drive failed you data is save.
  • Database replication over 2 servers in different data centers in real time over SSL encrypted data channel. If one server is totally destroyed your data is save.
  • Daily images backup across 2 servers in different data centers. We backup all your product images every day.

Gotshop Detailed Features

Main Settings
  • Select if login is required for buyer to access the shop. You can lock your web shop to registered users only.
  • Force buyer to register on checkout. Buyer will be asked for email address on checkout and new buyer account will be created.
  • Rewrite URLs option. If this option is on all product and product group URLs can be customised and will be search engine friendly.
  • Multiple currency support.
  • Different skins support. Select what skin you want to use with your shop or apply for custom skin. Custom skin will be developed exclusively for your web shop.

Suppliers can login to supplier interface and manage product groups and products assigned to them by administrator.

  • Unlimited number of suppliers.
  • Full customisation of supplier data by changing supplier table.
  • Products Only supplier. Supplier will be able to manage products and product groups only.
  • Support Only supplier. Supplier will be able to answer support tickets only.
  • Products and Support supplier. Supplier will be able to manage products and support tickets.
  • Supplier status can be set to disabled to disallow access for certain suppliers.
  • Unlimited number of buyers.
  • Full customisation of buyer's data by changing buyer table.
  • Select certain suppliers for each buyer. Buyer will only be able to see products of selected suppliers.
  • Buyer discounts.
  • Buyer status can be set to disabled to disallow access for certain buyers.
  • Buyer will be able to see order status and history.
  • Buyer will be able to update their own profile.
  • Buyer will be able to pay unpaid orders online from view orders page.
  • Automatic password reset via email.

Administrators can login to admin interface and manage every aspect of the web shop.

  • Unlimited number of administrator users.
  • Administrator can manage product groups, products, buyers and suppliers.
  • Full customisation of administrator data by changing admin user table.
  • Administrator can login as any buyer and manually place orders for the buyer.
  • Administrator can login as any supplier and manage products as selected supplier.
  • Administrator's status can be set to disabled to disallow access for certain administrators.
  • Automatic password reset via email.
Product Groups
  • Unlimited number of product groups.
  • Unlimited number of subgroups (tree levels).
  • Select which Supplier owns product group. Only selected supplier will be able to manage selected product group.
  • Select what product table will be used in the product group.
  • Product groups sorting. Select in what order product groups will be displayed.
  • Select how many products per page should be displayed for specific product group.
  • Allow order from the product list or only from detailed product view.
  • Select what action should be taken after product added into the basket.
  • Ability to show full size images in the product list.
  • Different product list display types.
  • Different preview size settings for each product group.
  • Mark product group as search group. Product group name will be displayed in search options.
  • Customise URL of the each product group.
  • Customise META tags of the each product group.
  • Unlimited number of products.
  • Select which Supplier owns the product. Only selected supplier will be able to manage the product.
  • Full customisation of product data by changing product table for the product group.
  • Normal price or subscription. Subscription products are charged on periodic basis.
  • Product discount.
  • Apply shipping option for the each product.
  • Product Images. Control how many images allowed for the product by changing product table image field.
  • Select what image should be displayed in the product list.
  • Select image preview sizes individually for each product.
  • Apply product attributes to each product.
  • Customise product attributes for each product.
  • Customise URL of the each product.
  • Customise META tags of the each product.

All orders are stored in the database and can be accessed anytime.

  • Administrator can view all orders.
  • Administrator can change order status.
  • Administrator can see detailed transaction data.
  • Administrator can refund transaction, if supported by payment gateway.
  • Administrator can add manual transaction for the order in case payment was processed offline.
  • Administrator can add order notice and select if buyer can see this notice and/or be notified about it.
  • Buyer can see only own orders.
Product Attributes
  • Unlimited number of product attributes.
  • Multiple attributes per product.
  • Product price will be changed depending on what attribute was selected.
  • Product attributes with fixed prices.
  • Product attributes with flexible prices. Price will be changed in regards of flexible math formula. For example price can be increased by two or increased by 25%. Total math formula customisation.
Linked Tables

Linked tables allow you to setup predefined data sets and use them within product, order or customer data.

  • Unlimited number of linked tables.
  • Use the same data sets with product, order and customer data.
  • Data displayed as drop down box which reduces data entry errors.

You can customise all emails that will be sent from your shop.

  • Total email customisation via email templates.
  • Multiple easy to use variables in each email template. Each variable represents dynamically generated data.
  • Customise email reply/receive addresses.
  • Set forward address for the domain. All emails for the domain will be forwarded to selected address.
  • Admin notification about new orders.
  • Admin notification about new support tickets.
  • Buyer notification in case of:
    • Registration.
    • Placed order
    • Received payment
    • Password reset
    • Subscription changes
Shipping Cost Calculations
  • Unlimited number of shipping methods.
  • Shipping cost calculation by product weight or fixed amount.
  • Package cost.
  • Option for separate shipping for every product in the order.
  • Allow only certain shipping methods for selected destinations.
Payment Gateways
  • Main New Zealand gateways are supported.
  • Multiple gateway options on checkout. Buyer will be able to choose what payment method to use.
  • Subscriptions support with compatible gateways.
  • Card validation support with compatible gateways.
  • Refund support with compatible gateways.

Taxes will be applied on checkout to the final amount.

  • Unlimited number of taxes options.
  • Choose to use Percents of the final amount or fixed tax rate.
  • Customise display name of the taxes.
  • Automatic tax receipt for the buyer. Taxes info included in the order email.
  • Unlimited number of subscriptions.
  • Subscriptions can have 2 trial periods with different time periods and pricing models.
  • Subscription conversions. Allow buyer to choose alternative periods of time. For example monthly subscription can be paid annually. Conversion periods can be fully customised and include option of free periods. (Example: Pay for 12 month and get one month free).
  • Daily generated statistics.
  • Number of unique visitors and page views.
  • Bandwidth usage.
  • Most popular pages (products).
  • Search engine keywords.
  • Referrers display. View what web sites have links to you.
  • Real time detection of any problems or errors.
  • Log entries on most important events of your shop.

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